Selfiee – Movie Review

This movie has an engaging story and a cast of very impressive actors. Yesteryear romantic hero Emraan Hashmi has showed that, unlike his early movies, he does not need to kiss in order to make a lasting impression on the screen. His transition into a character role that requires a firm presence has been a smooth one, and he has done a great job of adapting. Akshay has not just lived up to his name but has also given us what we expected from him, a bankable superstar through his performance in the movie.

Noteworthy among the actors is Abhimanyu Singh, who is also worth mentioning. All shot featuring this actor had made a memorable impression and left a mark on the audience. Unfortunately, no one in the Hindi movie industry will be willing to put forward the necessary funding and story for Abhimanyu to be able to showcase his talents.

Abhimanyu Singh, is a happiness center of the movie.

Diana Penty, one of the two female leads, is an adornment, although I just have a feeling that she has potential, which just needs some lucky script. But she adds glamor and can match Akshay in height. Nushrratt Bharuccha is effervescent presence, but lacks glamor quotient, unlike Diana.

It is difficult to comprehend why the media is giving an inaccurate representation of the story and production of Selfiee. It would be unwise to depend solely on Social Media posts for an opinion that is not influenced by any outside factors. Generally, one can anticipate established print media to give accurate reviews in their written material. Nevertheless, a certain slant can be seen in their analysis of the movie.

Hindi movie viewers are not obligated to understand the details of the original Malayalam movie. Comparing the Hindi version, Selfiee, with the Malayalam version, Driver’s License, is unnecessary. To the Hindi audience, the most important criteria for rating a movie is how well the movie has been adapted into Hindi. Point to be noted is, the Hindi name, Selfiee is trendier than realistic sounding Driver’s License.

Selfiee is definitely a movie worth watching and is quite an interesting story. When movies with negative media coverage come out in theaters, they often struggle to recover due to the limited amount of time they have to rely on word-of-mouth. By the time people gain knowledge that the movie was really good, and they make the decision to watch it, it has already been taken off the screens.

Good, but low-profile Hindi movies unfortunately do not get the benefit of word-of-mouth advertisement. In Multiplexes, it just has a week or two to get out the word and get in the crowd.

As Disney+Hotstar are promoters of the movie, it is likely that the movie will be available on their platform in the near future. This movie has the potential to do very well on OTT platforms and will have watcher who will enjoy the show.

It is certain that those who have watched Pathaan must be feeling deceived. The promoters began spreading fake previews on Social Media, with numerous video clips of huge crowds of fans filling cinemas and dancing in the Theaters. The promoters of Pathaan also bought tickets of their own shows worth crores of rupees, falsely creating the illusion of a bustling crowd and making it seem like the movie was really good. These tricks created a false sense of hype and enthusiasm, something that would have made the infamous Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels very pleased.

Now, this is how it works.

People who buy tickets online need to select how many tickets they want prior to seeing the seating layout. Prior to visiting this page, you’ll need to click on the “Time” of the show, which will be in Red and display as “Filling Fast.” When you pick the type of ticket and quantity of tickets, most of the seats will become red. If you select 4 tickets, those 4 seats will be shown as a group, and you can buy them right away. But when you enter the theater, you find that most of the seats are almost empty. They have cheated you with red empty seats all around.

To decide to watch a movie and then finding it unsatisfactory is bad. But to rush to see a movie, like Pathaan, touted as the movie of the century and then finding it an absolute crap is distressing.

The Pathaan promoters have cheated on you and also the sellers have cheated on the viewers via all the online ticket selling sites on the net or the app.

In my review of Pathaan earlier, link here , I noted that these cunning marketing devices, which cheat the public, demoralize the movie goers. A visit to any multiplex is expensive, and when viewers experience a disappointment, it can have a negative impact on the reception of other movies, even those that are quite watchable.

The marketing ploy adopted by the promoters of Pathaan will be a punishable offense in any other businesses like Banking and Stock Market.

The movie Selfie is will get gradual success despite its poor quality reviews. Selfiee is much, much preferable to that Pathaan trick. This review is my way of spreading the word about the movie and encouraging people to go see Selfiee.

Despite all the negative you have heard and read about Selfiee, this movie will not disappoint you. In fact, it will surprise you that you will let out a few genuine laughs after a long time.