Tinder Swindler, Netflix

The Tinder Swindler is the most suave con-artist. But every dog sniffs a bitch.

A handsome swindlers rips his beautiful women, in tandem. He makes the first women pay while he has a good time with the second, and then makes the second women pay while he has good time with the third. And so on.

The Swindler is not solo. He has an entourage. And his target women need not be rich. Basically, the minimum requirement is; he has a story, and his pray, a credit card. The rest is heist.

Unending swindle may make news but not a story. This has a story. The swindler finally meets his match – a swindleress. Or is it? The ending is bit unsatisfactory, not because the documentary is bad, but the justice left the sufferers high and dry.

“The Tinderswindler” just under 2 hours and fast paced, yet covers all the important aspects. Besides, the melodrama is kept at the very minimum. Only one women is allowed a measured weep. The director is to the point.

Swindlers make great friend, till supplies last.