Russia Baiting

The western media’s propaganda is unraveling. They say – Russia is going from defeat to defeat, Ukraine from victory to victory. Strange. Is Ukraine so good and Russia so bad?

Or, its all one-sided media?

Where is the Russian side? Its blocked. The Chinese are relaying the Russian news but few have access to it. And here is a strange phenomena. We, the people of the “English-speaking non-western world” has been trained to discount the non-western news. So we don’t believe if the source is Chinese or Russian. or Indian. We will believe the BBC – the metaphor for all that is west.

But this war is not without precedence of a buildup. We came to know of Russian Buildup only late last year, Dec 2021. But before that, and since 5 years prior, the western world has been priming up the world against Putin. But the advocacy was so nuanced and suave, that the buildup of the west escaped notice.

During the elections when Trump won, 2016, the west has aggressively pushed the propaganda that – It’s the Russian – when in fact, it was the US domestic state of affairs which drove their people towards Trump. A later grand inquiry trying to link Trump and Putin came a caper.

But it does show that some game is on in the White House. There is a immense data on the net called Putin Files (link here) which forwards the agenda of Putin’s culpability for all the ills in the US and the western world, the NATO members. The bias is pushed by US state media PBS.

The plan (of the Putin Files) seems to be – to use rudimentary information about Putin and then give it a spin, in many voluminous words. In broad sense, the screed is – Putin was KGB officer who detested the loss of the Soviet Union, and now, he wants to recreate the Union back, finally, he will go any length to achieve his aims. In videos after videos, the “Experts” appear on-screen, mostly in dark suit and dark background, and reply to questions asked by an invisible interviewer.

The mood created for the shows (Putin Files) is designed to be ominous. And this has been going on since the Trump years – to broadcast tall anti-Russian tales and proliferate the social climate. There is enough history of last 100 years (or even more) to show that the US and the west can cite scriptures to sell it as a deal.

But some day – and it could be now – the world will wake up and call their bluff.

The United States, together with their European friends had a misfortune of two decades of fruitless and profitless wars. In Iraq, they tried to setup institutions, so that, those institutions would, in turn, tax its people to pay for western arms. Then again in Afghanistan – they tried their best to set up tax-capable institutions.

In Pakistan, fortunately, the west has good shops – construction and arms.

The west vouch for democracy for a reason – as a hedge against financial failures. Should any imposed Government (Iraq, Afghanistan) decide not to pay for arms with the tax so collected, the levers of the second party can be pressed and energized to take over the tax regime and continue the money flow.

None of their ploy worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both resisted institutions. Both remained penurious. Unfortunately for the west, the population of Iraq and Afghanistan, get bootlegged arms, or prefer Russian made Kalashnikov, or cheap but effective Chinese.

In Ukraine, the west has wholesome tax paying population, good institutions to carry forward a tax regime to pay for western arms and Democracy, if in case one party reneges. And now Ukraine has a complaint population hoodwinked into a conflict they could have done without.

It is becoming clearer that its not Putin that has erred, but Zelenskyy. His political naiveté has dropped him into the arms of people, who are out collecting money. This makes people like Trump a Truth-Teller. Trump once commented that NATO members should pay for the security which US provides, instead of “freeloading.” (Link Here)

Russia will continue to have what it has. The west, which has been harping against the Russians, has finally found center-stage. The world will do itself a favor when the west loses this time.

The already NATO members were ticketless travellers who had armed themselves with Article 5. Now, Zolenskyy’s impetuousness will make every NATO member pay for it.