Women’s World Cup Cricket 2022: Hotstar(Dates: Fri, 4 Mar, 2022 – Sun, 3 Apr, 2022 )

I was taken aback when I was enlightened by wiki that Women’s World Cup Cricket (WWC) is older than Men’s World Cup Cricket. It started in 1973. Men’s started in 1975. Other infos are – India has hosted WWC, 3 times 1978, 1997, 2013. And Indian Ladies were runners up twice, 2005 and 2017.

If things go well, the way it is going now, Indian Ladies may have a shot at victory again this year. And if they win, this will be a “1983 moment” for Indian Women’s Cricket. I don’t think the team will welcome this tag. They rather have their own – 2022 moment.

And what a change in the standards of the game. In 2017 I did watch a couple of matches but the quality of the game was not that watchable. This year there is a new glow. And it’s not only India’s team, but all the teams. Significantly, the teams of Bangladesh and Pakistan are sharp and arrayed with talent.

Also, the Indian lineups top few batters average strike rate is above 90%. The bowlers, particularly the spinner economy rate is below 5. And the total scores in 50 overs are near 250.

Australians are, as usual, a cut above the rest, still, the Indian side is nothing to mess around. The class of players which now feature on the Indian team can put up a good fight. It’s refreshing to watch all teams with quality improvement in all departments – Batting, Bowling (spin, pace), and fielding.

India women are in the game with a rhythm of win-lose-win-lose. As they say, it is better to peak at the right moment. If you are old enough to recall the 1983 Men’s, India was in similar state – win some, lose some – but by quarter finals – in all those knockout matches, the Team had gelled into unbeatable “Kapil’s Devils.”

If “Mithali’s Devil’s” does the same, it will change the Women’s cricket scenario in India, in the subcontinent, and in the world.

One day, not too distant, we will see Mixed Cricket Teams, just like Mixed doubles of Tennis. What do you say?