Bad Vegan: Netflix

The mini series – Bad Vegan – is anything but vegan. It is a story of a woman, who was doing good “strolling in the park” but one day decides to “stroll in the jungle.” But in the forest of our living we get a rude surprise:

Life is not vegan, and human life even less so.

Sarma (at first I thought she was an Indian, Sharma) has good credentials and goes into business and does well. She gets a good mentor and has goodwill which helps her raise money. But the partners she chooses spoils her show in such convoluted fashion over the years that, she, in the end, is on the run like a fugitive.

There’s a good saying, often overlooked by the gullible – Avoid bad company like poisonous snakes. I will rephrase it – Avoid company of people against who, you cannot control yourself. This is not “controlling others” but “controlling oneself against ill designs by others.”

Easier said than done.

The 4 Episodes will make you ask several questions, primarily – How can the cons happen, similarly and repeatedly? Is she not getting aware? And, if she knows, why doesn’t she call for help?

Nothing is new under the sky (or over it), except the painters mixing of the palette.

The story evokes many questions still one premise is key. That is, if “her-self” was in control in the first place, the con wouldn’t have sprouted at all. But once the germ is lodged, it will germinate, for the con will tend it and any disruption by others in the form of help or advice will be repelled, by the conned – and also by the con.

The methods employed by the con maybe old, still, the deployment of the con could be unique and idiosyncratic and will be a novelty to an unwary mind.

Also, there could be an alternate theory. What if, it was Sarma who initiated the con? She, with the accomplice can be alleged to have cheated the investors. But my question to that is – where is the glory? Sarma, in the end, was scraping the bottom. I would agree that, initially, when she was in debt, but not a debtor, she may have been affected by the word “debt” and this may have made her take a decision which was a subterfuge – that is – make relationship for money.

There is saying, probably true (I don’t know) that – If you marry for money, you will be made to earn every penny.

The story is exciting for the way it is narrated and unraveled. As Sarma narrates the show with her very easy and precise voice, more then her, the audience gets vary of the con. At every juncture of the con, the viewer will tend to scream out and hit their heads in pure obviousness of their disbelief. (Yes, I know, the words don’t make sense.) So, does the happenings in the story.

You will shout – Are you an idiot – on your TV screen. Sarma will unlisten you.