It’s 8 o’clock on this Christmas day, and I’ve spent the whole night non-stop watching a YouTube Channel. It’s on scams and most of the scammers are Indians. They operate from Kolkatta, Pune, Amritsar and hit targets in the US. The victims are old and the gullible.

What’s horrendous are the scammers put-on American accent which any Indian can catch as very Indian. As calls are going through, one can overhear in the background sometimes, those Hindi “Madarchods” (Mother Fuckers). Invariably, when their bluff is called, the conversation ends with a series of Madarchods.

Scammers have short term interests and they are low on compunction. There was a conversation where a scammer was asked – How do you sleep in the night? Don’t you have any shame? Well, this question is a waste. How does this questions help those who have lost their money, even when some random scammer may have lost sleep or is shameful?

The profession of scams is probably as old as prostitution. In life, even if everything goes well, one is likely to get scammed at least once in his lifetime. Howsoever clever you are, there is always one better in the market. And, howsoever dumb we are, we always search for a greater fool. And we find one. Life is the best broker.

There is a saying – You can’t con an honest person. But the modus-operandi of scammers in this case is the testimony to the honesty, goodness and helpfulness of scammed.


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