The Morning Show, Apple TV

Honestly, I was not waiting for the second season of The Morning Show. Because when the first show ended, it pretty much achieved what a good show should achieve and that is – a tight script, a near seamless flow of the story and a cathartic and valid ending.

The Morning Show, season one, achieved the status of a successful mini series. But the second season which is now ongoing on Apple TV is bent upon destroying that stature. The first two episodes of the second season showed the shapes of things to come. There is no motivation, no drive.

It’s amazing to see that those very same actors who were the life of the First Season are like dried dead bodies in the second.

This shows that the story and direction matters. But first the story. There has to be some meat in the plot for actors to enact and the directors to supervise. If what is on paper is a limp all that shows on the screen will be a limp. The Morning Show, Second Season, looks like a show which is hunting for some crisis – and it found so many tid-bits of it, that now it doesn’t matter.

I’ll still motivate anyone to check out the First Season of The Morning Show on Apple TV. Those 10 Episodes are exceptional in many respects – Story, Plot, Direction, Production and Acting.

It’s a story of Characters “employed” by a Prime Time News and how friendships and comraderies and the cookies crumble, the underlying motivations of several lead characters and their grey shades make them do things and their doings results in fatal fallouts elsewhere. Also, treatment of the subject matter in question, mostly derived out of the #metoo movement.

I would have been happy if they had left The Morning Show the way it is. But even if the Second Season is a spoiler, the First Season Stands on its own. It’s a complete story.

“The Morning Show” is backend operations, where what what great work you do today is irrelevant tomorrow.