Babel, Lionsgate, Apple TV

The movie “Babel” is eclectic. It moves back and forth between four families in four corners of the world all interconnected through incidents and human drama.

This movie was earlier on Amazon Prime with English Subtitles. But it’s missing there now. On “Loinsgate” (Apple TV) there are two flip sides for this movie.

One, the absence of English subtitles. Apart from English, Babel has other Languages – Arabic, Spanish and Japanese. The absence of subtitles will greatly disadvantage the first time viewers. Although, when the scene moves to Japan, dialogue is not primary. You’ll know when you watch it.

The second problem is that – on “Loinsgate” an important scene is brutally cut. There is a scene where Kate Blanchett, badly injured, has to shit in a pan, helped by Brad Pitt. The unedited version has a period of shot where it captures the distress of the couple having to go thru the act. In my opinion, this was the brilliance of the moment in the movie, the celebration of acting and the actors. Sadly, that has gone missing.

Nevertheless, viewers can avail free “Loinsgate” subscription on Apple TV for two weeks. Just subscribe and binge free for two weeks. Though one may not get the full impact of this movie without English subtitles, still, mutely, this movie has a charm.

The Japanese Girl has blown the screen. You won’t need words to understand her. She is mute.