Incendies, Movie, Amazon Prime

When watching any movie I try not to pre-read any reviews on it and also not know the full story. A small blurb is just right for me. The rest I try to gather as the movie progresses. I have a bias towards the rhythm of the unfolding plot and I “challenge” the movie to tether my attention, if it can. Or else, I move on.

This habit has made me reject many movies at the first dissonance. I hate labor in watching and reading. (Also doing anything!) I’m more for ease, patience, and mind-stuff. You see, I like things which I am not.

This habit of choosiness, particularly in my watchings and readings, has sometimes surprised me.

And this movie, “Incendies” has actually blown my mind.

The fact for which my mind is blown – I won’t reveal here. And if you want your mind to be blown, you would do what I did. Jump into the viewing right away and stay with it through thick and thin. I guarantee you absolute satisfaction – that you will come out of the movie with your brain in your hands.

This is a Canadian movie in mostly French and some Arabic and little English. Subtitles in English are there.

The backdrop of the movie has harsh terrain, religious violence, and bigotry. One can’t help observe and comment that human nature are same everywhere.

The main actresses’, the mother and the daughter, have performed and made the movie what it is, though other supporting casts are equally accomplished. When the movie is good, the sum is always greater than the parts.

Refer Wiki only if you don’t understand it till the end. You’ll discover “One Plus One is indeed One.”