Salt, Movie, Sony Liv

I had watched “Salt” before, in 2010, in theaters when the world was good. At that time I had found the movie pretty trashy. Good for one dekho.

But, recently, while browsing the “Sony Liv” I found “Salt” under heading “Oscar Winner” and lined up alongside some greats as “Spotlight,” “Erin Brockovich,” “1917” etc. I wondered “what the hell this trash win.” Wikipedia says – it was nominated for Oscars for best sound mixing but lost to “Inception.” Thank God.

Nevertheless, I gave it a second dekho.

The movie is definitely better than most of the new trashes on the streaming platforms. The Movie has all the ingredients of a racy and spicy fix, innumerable illogical jumps, and flights of fancies, primed and tuned for an uninterrupted watch.

In 2010, when this movie was released, this “Cold War” subject was old and stale. Spy thrillers between US and USSR is not exciting when the young population does not even remember what was USSR. Besides, old population like me also don’t care for we had enough of that. Variety is the spice of life. More potent and virile enemies have arisen since the debacle of USSR in 1990. Iran, China, Afghanistan or “state supported non-state actors” against the big brother US, would have made better and relevant movie subject.

The movie seems like a “Tom Cruise Reject” so the producers may have got slim and sexy Angelina Jolie who won’t disappoint. She had done these before (Lara Croft). Besides, she is watchable.

If you want to be thrilled. Only.