Few thoughts on China

China and United States do one thing very similar. Their governments invest heavily in Science and Technology.

We, Indians, think, rather erroneously, that in United States, it’s the private firms and private enterprise invest in Science and Technology. But it is not so. Right from Atomic Energy to the Moon landing, to Challenger missions and International Space Stations and any thing in between and thence, has all been the money of the US government.

China has copied this US method of supporting and subsidising science and technology. The flip side for China is – they have not copied the US politics. China is mono-party as US is multiparty, rather duo-party. This puts China in a very vulnerable position. How can they see some Techs which they have supported and subsidized go independent and list in the US stock market and start earning their own currency. Besides, any tech which comes in control of the western market can then be used as a handle to influence Chinese Politics and Policies.

Also, this narrative that China is “against online school systems” and apps, does not seem to be too believable. China is actually against “profit or use offshore vehicles” to fund Chinese Techs. China today has achieved a huge mileages in tech not because of some “Baiju” of China. They have got this through their own state school system. One child or three child, their school system will always have the heft to provide knowledge workers of the future.