Mare of Easttown, TV Series, Hotstar

The title of the TV Series, “Mare of Easttown” sounds familiar. There’s a book by Thomas Hardy called, “The Mayor of Casterbridge.” Though the TV series is an ongoing episode, and after watching 6 of them, I don’t see any familiarity with the book. Accept the fact that, the TV series is much more inviting and an easy watch. The same cannot be said for the book but the book is a classic nonetheless.

This TV series can become a classic too. Led by a screen-stealer, Kate Winslet, the drama revolves around her and in her rural and close-knit community of Easttown where everyone knows everyone and as the series progresses, it seems, everyone is a suspect in a crime, at least for once.

Dis-functionality sells big time. “Easttown” where “Mare,” Kate Winslet is the police officer, is a town where everyone seems have some problem, inside family and outside, and their skewed lives spill over the equally skewed lives of the others. What the TV series has done is to center its story on “Mare,” the character played by Kate Winslet, and then move this character “of Mare” around other characters and families and groups, to reveal their motivations.

Kate Winslet, of the Titanic fame, (and the Quills fame, a Geoffrey Rush movie is a great watch which I await to come to streaming), has kept the audience in her grip with her very studied and steady performance. The other cast members in this series are equally first rate and everyone has some exceptional acting to contribute. The packaging of this series indicates that the producers, directors and writers are taking (and have taken) lots of pain and effort to create a homely and everyday lives and then, infuse those lives with subtle undercurrents of various emotions which, indeed, shows on screen.

It shows when something gets created. It also shows when that’s destroyed. My hypothesis is, when we see Great Actors like Kate Winslet in a show, she must have taken care of the quality of the story and its productions value, before agreeing to act in it. We will see, in due time, how this hypothesis holds.

Kate Winslet promises a wholesome viewing, of a drama which does not disappoint. Well, not as yet.