The Florida Project, Movie, Amazon Prime

The Florida Project is daintily constructed subtle movie. What makes this movie interesting is how it is approached and framed – shot by shot and scene by scene. It’s a story of a six year old girl going about her daily life. It’s as simple as that. But screenplay captures moments of her life and strings it into an interesting episodic story.

There are other actors too in the movie and they assist the child and are pretty main to the story, or to the snippets of stories. It’s important for the viewer to remain with the scenes and with the main actor. After a while the viewer will find himself traveling with the child and accompanying her in her various adventures.

The Florida Project is the movie of the innocent age. The parents are having a hard time yet the children are oblivious. They are living off charity, begging on the streets for one ice-cream cone, and sharing it among themselves, running around here and there and just being children. The color tones, the sound of the movie is bright and boisterous. Besides, there are lots of compassion.

The approach of the story – The Florida Project – is worth noticing. The point of view is through a child, and other children. Though the adults have their own problems, yet, their story is dealt through the eyes and expressions of a child. This consistency is maintained with every hard-luck families and neighbors. There are some poignant moments where a viewer will get engrossed watching the antics of the child and later realise what the adults may be doing in the other room.

The six year old actress, Brooklynn Prince as Moonee, along with her equally accomplished playmates, will take you on an adventure. The viewer just needs to hold their hands.