The Fault in Our Stars, Movie, Hotstar

Most of the characters in the movie are grappling with cancer and looming death. Yet the movie is not dark, heavy and drab but light, effervescent and fun. The movie is based on a book which again references a book and its fictitious writer.

The Fault in Our Stars,” is lead by two teenage characters of opposite sex, in which, one is morose and the other is peppy in a part of the story and thereafter their role reverses. Also they have a goal. They have to travel from US to Amsterdam to meet an author who wrote an optimistic book on cancer. This pilgrimage has its surprises and its consequences.

Shailene Woodley has an endearing looks and acting talent who pulls the viewer in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. But the emotions are adjusted in appropriate measure. It’s a toned down melodrama and the conversations are mainly forward looking though they can’t avoid morbid talks at some juncture.

The story has depressing undertones yet one comes out of it not down but level. You’ll know why after you watch it.