Downhill, Movie, Hotstar

A middle aged couple with two teenage boys are on a ski-holiday when a controlled avalanche misdirects into a open air cafe where the family is brunching. Upon approach of the rubble, the husband runs away abandoning his wife and two children. The avalanche rattles the cafe-people but is innocuous. Everything goes back to normal. Except the relationship between the husband and his wife and two children.

The rest of the movie then moves into subtler aspects of relationships. The wife and two children see their husband and father as someone weak. Obviously, the husband tries to justify himself by lying and undermining his wife. But in the end there is redemption arranged by the wife for the father,only.

This 1 hour 26 minutes movie is not that bad to deserve a rating of low 50%. The movie is pretty well made and well performed. Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfeld fame who is a multi award winning actress is cast just for the right reasons.

When a tenuous bond of trust breaks between individuals, the resulting emotions are the most hardest to portray on screen. It’s here one get to know the difference between a pro and a tyro.