Carol, Movie, Amazon Prime

These days, “western” shows with scenes of gay and lesbian love and sex is pretty common because in most of the “western” world, LGBT is legal. But there was a time when same-sex association was a terrible crime. To know the extent of ostracization one should know about the fate of Alan Turing, a founding father of computer science and the Enigma. He was discovered to be gay and was chemically castrated. The movie, “The Imitation Game” on Netflix is based on his tragic life.

The movie ‘Carol’ explores lesbian relationship in the context of 1953 when it was “illegal”. To portray the characters in lesbian relationship are two astounding actresses – Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. This 2 hour movie may seem slow but the pace is just right to match the rhythm of that period and the tentativeness of such associations in those times. The two characters convey the subtle attractions and desires through their expressions. Dialogues seems to run parallel and used as hints.

Cate Blanchett is a veteran. But Rooney Mara with Audrey Hepburn looks matched the veteran, expression by expression.