Behind Her Eyes, Miniseries, Netflix

‘Behind Her Eyes’ is not mind blowing but will blow the mind in the end. It has six episodes and I watched the sixth episode twice just to make sense of what actually happened. When I understood the sixth, then I realised I had misunderstood the first five. The last time this complication happened to me was with movie, ‘Inception.’ But that movie has meat. In ‘Behind Her Eyes’ I choked on gravy.

The British actress Simona Brown with expressive eyes and British accent is very watchable. The British actor Tom Bateman with Scottish accent is hoarse. This has rightly been criticised. If scotts speak like that they should be given independence from Britain. Tyler Howitt, is the most comfortable child actor.

‘Behind Her Eyes’ is a bewildering story. When things settle down in the end, the viewers will puzzle ‘who is what and where.’ The solve will not be worth the bother.