Chris Rock Standup, Netflix

There are two “similar” Chris Rock shows on Netflix, the 2018 show, and the extended 2021 show. Watch the newer 2021. It has some additional snippets.

Any non-Indian stand ups are difficult to follow by Indians because the words, phrases, politics and punchlines (and accent) are specific to alien regions. But this Chris Rock show is easier on Indian ears as the subjects touched upon are viral and prime time.

Chris Rock opens the show with his pet peeves; Black-White and Black-Police problems in the United States. His skit on “equality between blacks and whites” and “getting black people ready for white people” is hard hitting and relevant. To educate and sensitize coloured kids to dangers of living in white world, as Chris Rock says, will always be a “clear and present” danger and blacks must always prepare for several bad scenarios.

Chris Rock has a take on the US justice system and the Gun-problem. He has a good suggestion to solve the “gun problem” in the US. One hopes Biden is listening.

Chris Rock, being a father of two kids, has a skit or two on “raising and educating kids” in the “school system.” He points out common misconceptions adults have about their kids and the lies parents tell to kids. Besides, he has a thing or two on his divorce and husband-wife relationships.

This Hour and half show is a wholesome watch. Just watch these following words or else you’ll miss some punchlines.
Al Sharpton – US Civil Rights Lawyer (colored)
Pootie Tang – A 2001 comedy movie starring Chris Rock
Crips – Violent Streets Gangs of US (Colored)
Onesie – One piece lightweight garment for kids.
Cardi B – US Rap Singeress (colored)

Philosophies of Life in a Stand-Up Comedy.