Three Shows, Netflix

Pretend It’s a City

This 7 episode series is an acquired taste. Fran Lebowitz, a New York Resident multi-thinker, has her opinions thrown in left-right-center. The show is framed as a conversation between her and film director Martin Scorsese, with her doing most of the talking and Scorsese doing most of the laughing, rather, forced laughing. But the conversation is high caliber with lots of piquant observations and quick repartees. She talks of many things under the sun which are thought provoking indeed.

History of Swear Words

Nicholas Cage presents this 6 Episode series on history, geography, psychology and semantics of “Chutiya” , “Gandu“, “Bhenchod“, etc., of the English Language. It’s an exciting watch, mainly short commentaries on “cuss words” by experts in various fields. There is a music genre called “dirty blues” and singer Lucille Bogan was one of the pioneers. Check lyrics and song which is 100 years old. (another link to lyrics)

Surviving Death

This 6 episode series is scientific and logical attempts to unravel the mysteries of death in terms of a Life: “returning from death”, “communicating with the dead”, “dead communicating with the living”, and “reincarnation.” The show maintained balance between skepticism and belief, with every paranormal experiences of people being scrutinised by experts and scientists researching those subjects. Most of the queries are left open ended, probably for one to find out themselves, when the day comes.

Start with “Surviving Death”, then watch “Swear Words” to lighten yourself, then finish with “City”, if you can.