The Wall, Movie, Amazon Prime

Primarily, there is only one visible and active character onscreen. The other character is a voice. And the two are on either side of a dilapidated wall in an Iraqi war zone.

Most of the movie is filmed on the active character, a US army-man, badly injured, hiding behind a sickly wall, trying to figure out who the hell is shooting and from where. To add to the eeriness, the elusive Iraqi sniper has shot dead all long distance radios and has tuned into the walkie-talkie of the only responding US army-man.

Then a conversation starts between the two, with the walled American talking and crawling and peering and luring but the Iraqi remains a ghostly voice in the sandy wilderness. Some good Iraqi questions are asked, some bad American replies are given. Then with bond established, the Iraqi calls for help for his new found “friend.”

Only to help himself with some more…

Though a slim plot line, The Wall depends on masterful screenplay and cinematography.