The Million Pound Note, Movie, YouTube

A millionaire brothers had a bet: If a “demand draft” of a Million Pound is given to any poor man, that poor man will live like a millionaire without spending a penny.

At the very same time, an American (Gregory Peck) finds himself hungry and destitute on the streets of London and to his luck his path cross with the betting millionaire brothers. To test their bet, the millionaire brothers give the “cheque” to Gregory Peck for one month but they don’t tell him anything about the bet.

The Million Pound “Paper” opens designer shops, luxury hotel and high societies for Gregory Peck. His recommendation to buy a stock touches the highs in the share market.

And then he temporarily loses the “demand draft.” As this information spreads, shops, hotel and societies close their doors on him and the stock crashes. But all of these are soon recovered with the re-discovery of “The Million Pound Note.”

The movie showcases the perception of money in society. The story by Mark Twain is over 125 years old but the truth of the story still holds.

This 1954 movie is based on the story by Mark Twain published in 1893. In the movie, the “Million Pound Note” has a year stamp of 1903. One needs to see (and feel) the amount of “One Million Pound” in context of those times by extrapolating its value to present time. If curious calculate here.

There is a word – Debonair – which fits perfectly as epithet on two hollywood stars, Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. This 1 Hour and 20 Minutes movie is swish, snappy and sharp – just like Gregory Peck.

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