The Night Manager, Miniseries, Amazon Prime

This 1 Season, 6 Episodes, is an out and out spy thriller. It’s based on the story written by John La Carr, master spy novelist who died recently.

A Night Manager is a job function associated with Hotels. As the name suggests, the time of the job coincides with many nefarious activities in the world. A Night Manager of a Cairo Hotel, through a series of events, and murder of his favorite guest, is drawn into an information about an illegal international arms deal. He offers his services to the MI 6, the British Foreign Intelligence Service, to infiltrate the network and bring down the bad guys. To add to the complexity, some top brass of the MI 6 are also involved in this dark trade. As you can see, the Night Manager is sharing information with MI 6 where some of the key members are compromised. But some diligent members of MI 6 persist in the pursuit, and after betrayals and suspense, “send” the bad guys to justice.

The TV series has slick production and performances. There is Olivia Colman, TV’s finest actress. Tom Hiddleston as Night Manager has the persona to carry off various characters like a hotel guy, a lover boy and a romantic spy who kills. Hugh Laurie, as a suave villain, is superb.

The Night Manager is bingeable; a quality associated with attention holding episodes like an unputdownable novel.