Colossal, Movie, Amazon Prime

Colossal is a science fiction-ish movie with nothing to be colossal about. But the story is tempting enough for one to tag along till the end. It has a texture of a good forgettable movie.

Some scenes don’t make sense. Yet it does not cloud over the main storyline. This is because the central story concept has some meat. The problem of the story is its development which is not strong to justifies the core concept. By this I mean, as a viewer when I reach the climax I should feel it too. But, in this movie, when I reach the climax, I felt bad for the story which brought me there.

There is dissonance in the story. The story pursues too many emotions. It seems that the writer was in multiple minds in what direction to take. There is a relationship story. There is it a psychotic story. There is a debauched and wasted girl story. There a delusional story. And also, there is negative Superhero masquerading as Science Fiction. Too many storylines spoil the climax.

One of the redeeming part of the movie is Anne Hathaway. She has a very mobile face and acts with her entire body. Her persona gets the empathy. One feels bad for her, wants her to get well, get out of all the bad relationships and fall in love with someone true and real. Anne Hathaway’s star quality has carried this movie. It fails at the point of delivery just because of its erratic story.

Watch ‘Colossal’ if you want to see how a good concept fails due to apathetic story.