Tallulah – Movie, Netflix

The “Inception” star Ellen Page is now Elliot Page – A Transgender. This is real news.

But, in the movie – Tallulah – she is still a “she.” And I find this awesome and amazing that a face which is placid can project such wide range of emotions. I’ve seen this with Irrfan Khan and Johnny Depp. I’ll add Ellen Page to this list of the few blessed people who just have to “be” on camera to enact the whole story effortlessly.

Tallulah, I found, has couple of meanings. Check here. Some say “Leaping Water” and some, “Princess of Abundance.” In the movie both are relevant but in opposite ways. The character Tallulah played by Ellen is both destitute and “leaps” into troubled waters.

All the characters are messed up in some ways. Including the toddler. And when the two messed-ups meet, things go haywire. That’s the strength of the story.