Share – Movie, Hotstar

A School girl has a night out with friends, gets punch drunk and later, finds herself prone on front lawn of her house. As she comes to her senses, she finds she can’t recall the interluding moments or able to explain several injuries to her body.

Next up, there are videos and text messages circulating within her faculty showing boys filming her as they try to uncloth her. The voices in the film are sexist and show their glee and mirth as they take advantage of her unconscious state.

The character Mandy, played by Rhianne Barreto, then goes into introspection where she tries to retrace and recall those fateful moments to find out, “what happened? and “who all did that?” Her supportive family then press charges on one who they think is prime but in the end the reality turns out to be something else.

The subject line is thin yet the treatment is interesting. There are no scenes of rape, or nudity in the movie. And no melodrama. No #metoo. The story is low tone and restrained. The idea is to get the viewers invested in Mandy’s predicaments as she goes through emotional turmoils of being defiled by her friends, humiliated online and later being told “it’s not a big deal.”

Also, the casting in the movie is very apt. It’s a mixed race parents, Poorna Padmanabhan is the mother and white father. Rhianne Barreto (Mandy) has Indian looks.

The story is intuitive which requires the main character to project emotions without speaking much and Rhianne Barreto has shouldered this. This twenty something actress needs a special mention.