Mosul-Movie (2020), Netflix

There is a brief write up at the start of the movie to inform the context of the story. Thereafter the movie goes into the center of action right away. And stays there. Towards the end the action eases and the objective of the battles is revealed.

The movie uses lots of extreme close ups and medium shots. And the actors are professionals whose faces portray various emotions in different stages of battle; preparation of combat, awaiting combat, during combat, getting hit, watching others getting hit, getting killed, watching others getting killed, taking stock post combat, and rest and relaxation.

Also believably created, is the city of Mosul. Because the city is so well represented in its creation, the actions therein gets more highlighted. The camera is kept very mobile and moves with the troop, and as the viewer take in the actions they also take in the surrounding atmosphere.

Both, the set design and cinematography is excellent. You will feel you are on the streets, bylanes, terrace of houses of Mosul and death lurks all around.