Sand Storm-Movie, Netflix

An Arab-Israeli family with husband, wife, and four daughters, gets wife number two. The marriage arrangements are done by wife number one and two daughters. After a while, husband banishes wife number one and daughters are left to fend for themselves.

The school going Daughter number one has fallen in love with a boy of a different species. This is unacceptable to the father who just added a wife to his kitty. Tribal pride calls for marriage/s within same species. Father fixes a specimen. Daughter’s twists and turns and tantrums does not ward off the inevitable. Fixed is fixed.

The marriage happens. A fat specimen enters the honeymoon room and the daughter, now wife, complains of bad colour of the walls. Several suggestions are thrown. Nearing settlement, a voice calls out – NO. This is daughter number two looking through the window. The movie ends with daughter number one looking at daughter number two as if signalling her oncoming fate. The fat man continues to lurk in the background as if signalling the fate of all the girls.

The flow of the screenplay, camera work and the performance of all the actors are A-Grade. Notable mentions are mother and daughter one and two.