Modern Love – Amazon Prime

Modern Love is only eight, half-hour each, episodes. Each episode is unique. Each story explores human sides. All the parts are extremely well made and well acted. It’s like the best of hollywood came together to make the best of episodes.

As I was writing this, I thought of mentioning my favourite or some top picks. But as I recapulated I concluded that every episode has its own flavor. The stories are cerebral. This is my type of show.

I liked the ending in the final Eighth episode. The closure is brought on gradually, in stages. Viewers will know that the show is going to end because old characters will start reappearing and completing some of their back stories. It’s refreshing to see them all again because I lived with them in their stories. And when I see them again I discover that I really missed them.

Modern Love is like I met someone very interesting, and someone who I didn’t want to leave.