Biden victory is false

Since 3rd Nov as the results of US elections trickled in, the media presented Biden’s victory as “decisive”. How did they know? How does Biden and media know that Biden is going to win Pennsylvania, the key battleground state? And that was on 03rd Nov itself. Today is 7th Nov and Biden gets 270 plus electoral votes necessary to become the President. But, when Biden had 253 electoral votes on 03rd Nov and Pennsylvania was still counting those mail-in votes, Biden and media knew and declared that victory will be theirs. How do they know that on 3rd Nov when they were 253 that they will reach 270 in due course? How do they know, as the ballots were arriving in mail bags, that those mail bags had votes for Biden?

Not only that. Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania on 3rd Nov, the fact never divulged to public then. It is on the 6th Nov that there was a sudden media fervour that Biden “inches past” Trump in Pennsylvania. And that his victory is close. Biden, accompanied was Harris, comes on TV to “calm nerves” and “assure” people that “victory will be theirs”. That means, he knows, those mail-bags, even unopened, contains votes for him and him alone.

Just to get “outsider” Trump out of the way, the Democrats have defiled a system. Since 2016 till date, the Democrats have launched repeated attacks on the Trump presidency. Four years of incessant attacks. And from all possible places. Democrat’s last trick worked.

First, they raised the question that Trump won, in 2016, because of “Russia”. Democrats alleged that Russia has “influenced” the US elections and “divided” the nation. This went on for a quite a while. Robert Mueller investigation on this “Russian angle” was inconclusive. But the Democrats never left the trail. Anything “inconclusive” makes “arbitrage” space and Democrats started working their tricks here.

Second, democrats raised stink on a phone call between Trump and the President of Ukraine. They made some “White House” official become “whistleblower” alleging Trump wanted to raise dirt on Biden, then a presidential prospect. Even though the allegation did not hold substance they went for impeachment. Having no majority in the senate, they lost.

Third, they tried to block the Supreme Court Judge appointment by “manufacturing” a “rape victim”.

Finally, they had one trick left. Postal Ballots. Who has posted those ballots? How did those posted ballots become so decisive to win a crucial state? How or what did the Democrats know or did, that they had “full faith” in the postal ballots to see them through to the White House?

2020 vote shows the close race between Trump and Biden. Biden “won” Pennsylvania with just 0.6%. Elsewhere too, quite substantial votes were cast for Trump. This “Russia” excuse for Trump’s victory in 2016 is buried now. People voted for Trump and in large numbers. The huge turnouts was not for Biden but for Trump. That is why Biden was banking on the mail in voters, because had there been no mail in, Biden would never have won. Because the crowd which came out and queued to vote in person, and that too, early, because of COVID, was in all out support for Trump.

Now what? US election is a paradox. The President may win but the party may not. And that’s what happened. The US “Lok Sabha” is the Senate. And the republicans are still in majority there. So Biden is dysfunctional. If Biden does not gain two more seats in senate in January 2021, his other way to provide “some work” to his presidency will be to look abroad. That is where US president’s “executive decisions” comes into play and prominence. There are lots of places where a dysfunctional US President may find “fruitful employment”.

Besides, the Republican’s have also majorities the US Supreme Court. This will make Biden’s and the Democrat’s life difficult as most of the policies will be challenged.

Biden will be a paraplegic President with the senate and the Supreme Court not on his side.

So, boots on ground in Afghanistan may be back. Also Iraq, Iran, Syria etc., will all provide “good work” for the US presidency and media. CNN, which was underemployed will now scour bombed out countries and find gainful employment. Their correspondents will again “embed” themselves with US troops in some god forsaken country for vile stories to show and tell.

India’s tough times will start. Trump had sanctioned two of our neighbours severely. Pakistan was left with no funds and had to go begging to China. Even Saudi Arabia did not help their old friends. With dysfunctional Biden in the White House, Pakistan will again see Greens, those dollars which they love so much. Also Biden has made positive remarks supporting Pakistan’s stand on India’s abrogation of Article 370. Pakistan and China will both love this.

China will have its sanctions eased and gain more economic power which they will spend to dominate India. All “factories” which was supposed to have moved from China to India will remain where they were, in China. Chinese will not move away from India’s border and will commit India to a wasteful and exorbitant expenditure. Biden will love this. He will sell arms to India.

All in all, an Indian origin US Veep will be of no help to India.


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