The Professor – Movie, Amazon Prime

Johnny Depp, the professor, has few months to live. So he decides to kick ass. His credo till death is: “It’s time that we lived a bit closer to the primal truth of it all. So from this point on, let us fuck who we wanna fuck. Let us ingest what we wanna ingest. And all in all, just do whatever the hell we damm well please.”

So he fucks a waitress, smokes a cigarette, and drinks alcohol in company of his students. One female student seems to have a crush on him. And One male student gives him a blow job. This cock sucking is hinted not shown. Thankfully.

And all in the name of terminal illness.

And as the story progresses some profound words are spoken. “ So in preparing for what lies ahead, I’ve come to realise that for much of my life, I’ve been mistaken, and I failed. I failed, not only to comprehend my mortality, but I’ve failed to appreciate it. And as a result, I’ve failed to make the most of my life.”

And at the end of it, Johnny Depp drives out into the unknown to “die like a dog”. (My words)

So, if the story is so hackneyed why watch it.

Watch it for Johnny Depp. A subtle hold on shots. An apt control on movements and dialogues. He has the gift of expressing without emoting. A deadpan face where only the eyes speak. The only other actor who, I imagine, could equal this was our late Irrfan Khan.