Hamilton – Musical Play, Hotstar

Founding of United States, the saga in a song on a stage.

Just like India, United States was once a colony of the British. And just like India, the Americans got fed up of the British. Two sides started skirmishing around 1773, and amidst the war, on 4th July 1776 there was a Declaration of Independence by the U.S., and the finally the war ended in 1783 thru Treaty of Paris.

Fighting for independence brought together lots of strong, forceful, dominating characters. They were known as Founding Fathers. To tell the story, the play aptly choses two, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. And to add to the flavour of the play, Hamilton is portrayed as hero and Burr villain.

The choice is appropriate, because both were “star crossed”. In the end, Burr kills Hamilton in a duel. This is true.

The story is portrayed succinctly, musically as a play. The canvas is just large and just deep and just comprehensive to include the context, the time, the characters and the conflicts, both before the war, during the war and after the war. Historical Characters sing their faults, their praise, predicaments, aspirations, sarcasm and even sling mud.

The play is a lyrical masterpiece. Have your english subtitles on to get the words. They are gems.