All is Lost – Movie, rent on Play Movies

Movie with one character, no dialogue, a few lines of monologue, and minimal music. All sound is natural. That’s it.

Robert Redford is lolling alone in his yacht, in the ocean somewhere between islands of Sumatra and Madagascar. His problem begins when a rouge floating cargo container digs into the hull of his boat. As he sleeps, his boat gets flooded and when he wakes he finds some significant damage has been done inside the boat. For start, he lost his navigation and radio.

Remember, he is floating somewhere in the Indian Ocean. And he has lost his Fix, I mean the coordinates of where he is. Well, he knows the Sunrising East and the rest, but traversing a path will require a route to a destination. And in the wide open Ocean knowing classical directions is not enough. So, now he is basically drifting towards nowhere.

But Mother Nature is watching. She promptly arrives with a gift – Thunderstorm. His boat takes couple of tumbles and in the end is a floating wreak. He takes refuge in a life raft. In the Life Raft he does something which no one does in real life. He reads the User manual.

He discovers a Sextant and starts charting his Fix. A periodic readings charted on a map shows that he is drifting towards a major Shipping Route between Sumatra Straits and Madagascar. That means, he hopes to finally cross path with few ships to which he can signal for help.

Ships come and ships go but he rafts on forever. Help doesn’t arrive. In the process he spends all the sparkles and rockets, none has been successful in calling attention to his distress. Finally, he sets fire to his notebooks and journals and in the process burns down his only float in the middle of a dark sea.

All is Lost!

In One Hour and Forty minute movie, and with the most handsome Robert Redford in the lead, one goes through layers and layers of emotions and complexities. In a nutshell, the mess the character has fallen is shown when, at one time he savers a drink in his yacht, and later, he finds droplets of water through condensation which he savers.

The actor’s actions, the sound of the sea, the interluding silent moments, the mix and match of these three, supported by just a few dash of music is the success of this cuisine.