My Octopus Teacher-Netflix

An extraordinary nature documentary.

In the underwater forest of seaweeds, known as Kelp, near the tip of South Africa, Craig Foster does free diving, that is, going into the sea without oxygen and staying there till his breath permits.

There he bonds with an Octopus.

Then starts his one and half hours show of tracking the Octopus and Octopus tracking him, and sharks tracking the octopus and Octopus tracking the shark.

The filming carried on for one year, which is the lifespan of an octopus. Finally the Octopus dies, eaten by the same shark which it had dodged for a lifetime.

There are only two stars in this documentary. Craig Foster and the Octopus. Also, the documentary is narrated in a mellifluous voice of Craig Foster. In fact, the voice is so soothing it put me to sleep and I completed the full show in 3 or 4 sorties.

In nature documentaries, David Attenborough is considered as Gold Standards, and this show “My Octopus Teacher”, will make the cut.