Unorthodox – Miniseries Netflix

There is a crowd of channels and jungle of shows streaming on internet. Out of all, sometimes one clicks a jackpot. The T.V. miniseries –Unorthodox– has only 4 but power packed episodes.

Hasidim is ultra-orthodox Jewish faith and the language is Yiddish. All the characters of this T.V. show has these attributes. The settings are New York and Berlin. The story is told in FlashBack – FlashForward method. The dialogues are in Yiddish and you need to turn on the subtitles. 

A married young girl of 19, Etsy (Shira Haas) escapes her husband and family and rigid religious life in New York and flies to Berlin to freedom and to be with her biological mother. The Husband and his sidekick pursues her to Berlin and the husband is able to finally catch her at the least expected place.

Looks like a usual plot, but it is the journey, the screenplay, the several events which takes the story forward that makes the show worth the watch.

Most importantly, you will watch this show for Shira Haas. She has owned this miniseries with her extraordinary portrayal of Etsy.

Besides, one gets to look and see some of the Hasidim Culture; male actors with two hair Curls known as Payot, sometimes wearing extra large fur hats called Shtreimel, married women with wigs over shaved heads. The pre-marriage, marriage and post marriage ceremonies are shown with depth and awe and shock.

You will watch this show for Shira Haas.