Greyhound – Movie Apple TV Plus

Movies are not necessarily free on Apple TV Plus. But one latest movie, Greyhound, is free. Like the TV serial, The Morning Show, which is pretty racy and gripping, and also short ( just one season with 10 episodes), this movie is also short too, just 90 minutes of racy and gripping saga, of the naval battle of the Second World War. Screenplay is by Tom Hanks who also shuffles from one side of the ship to the other, shouting commands and dodging torpedoes of German Submarines. He and his ship survive but not without providing wholesome entertainment.

To watch FREE, register here and try Apple TV Plus free for 7 Days.

If you have an apple device, like an iPad or iPhone, you will have an apple store account. Well, Apple TV Plus is free till 31st October of this Year of the Lord 2020. So you can watch it on your iDevice or log into apple tv link as above.

If you have TV with an HDMI port, you can make it SMART by investing in Amazon Fire TV Stick. Also you need a good WiFi Internet, minimum 6mbps. But before you do this, first check, that whatever orifice you see behind your TV is indeed HDMI and also check if your TV is SMARTable. (Refer left hand corner “Learn more about compatible devices“)

If you do have Smart TV, then check your TV App Store for Apple TV Plus Channel. I stress on Amazon Fire TV because Apple TV plus is only on Amazon Fire Stick for most smart TVs.

In the amazon fire stick, it may show some basic channels like Amazon Prime movies, Netflix etc. But if you need more channels, you need to sign into and type in search: “Apple TV plus on Amazon Fire TV stick”. Don’t forget to append every channel you search with “Amazon Fire TV Stick”.

What you download on your account will sync and show on Amazon Fire TV, provided the registered email is same on Amazon web as well as the fire stick. All channels you purchase is free. But in-app subscriptions may be not. Such is life.


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