Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Before watching any english movie, I go to wikipedia to know the story. This is my second Star Wars movie, the first one being, ‘The Force Awakens”, which I saw earlier last year 2016. I must say, the Star Wars franchise is a mess and afflicted with incoherent story telling.

Also, about the current movie, as per wikipedia, it’s made with 200 Million budget and till now has a box office earnings of 850 Million approx. This shows, Star Wars series has an enormous and dedicated fan following who will go to watch the movie atleast once. And there will be million more curious idiots like me who will also have a “dekho” of this gibberish mumbo-jumbo.

One knows when the franchise is out of ideas absolutely. It is, when some characters leave the spaceship and practice meditative mind-control atop a mountain, besides drink milk from a strange cattle and hunt fish like a congo africans.

And then those idiotic philosophising. After each bout of wanton storyless firing into space, scenes settle down on some inane chats on why Jedi should end and be gone forever. Hopefully they should. Probably the franchaise is preparing the egghead followers that the series end is near.

I’ll rate this movie as a blackhole out of five. Star Wars series needs a fresh look on story telling. Thankfully, Carrie Fisher died at the right time and was spared the agony.