MOM – The Movie and some Context

Although I tried to search the name of one movie on Internet and I’ve also tweeted my query to some prominent movie reviewers, I’ve still not found the name of the movie which I saw sometimes in mid 80’s.

I think, it was a New Zealand Movie. In that movie, a couple runs a sheep farm and the wife is a veterinarian who castrates sheep. Probably some requirement to stop them from breeding.

Anyway, she and her husband are estranged. So the husband with his gang, in disguise, raids the house and gang rapes his wife.

The wife then starts her investigation and discovers that her husband is the true culprit. She then uses her expertise, anesthetizes her husband and castrates him.
It was a riveting movie and I still remember the drama and suspense. Only I have forgotten the name of the movie.

Similar kind of revenge drama, surely copied from the same movie as mentioned above, was made in 1988. Zakhmi Aurat, played by Dimple Kapadia, who was gang raped and she takes revenge by castrating the culprits  after serving them brandy. Now, in this movie, Dimple Kapadia is a Police Officer. The plot hole is that how, she, a Police Officer, had expertise to castrate and how brandy can make men unconscious. This is debatable.

But like pot holes on Mumbai roads, an Indian audience is immune to plot holes in the script. Probably, they are concerned of high level story arcs, particularly sex and retribution.

Recently, I saw the movie MOM. And a similar story, just rehashed. They are all copying from the same source, the name of the movie I forget.

Sridevi is a great actor. In the first half she showed her class. The first half is filmed well and the movie holds a promise. But when the retribution part starts, mainly after the interval, the movie fails to hold attention.

A part of the story string is taken from a renowned  TV serial, “Breaking Bad”. In Breaking Bad, the chief protagonist making a Poison, “Ricin” from Castor Oil seed. So, in this movie, MOM, they did a twist, and used apple seeds to make cyanide. Good idea, but not effectively portrayed as in Breaking Bad.

The majority of Indian audience probably do not care, or have no interest or do not have exposure to watch great tele-serials like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Orange is the new Black, House of cards, The West wing.

Or probably they do have some sense of logic. That is why copy-paste movies like Zakhmi Aurat, Maatr and MOM as not successful.