Bridge of Spies

“Every time I go to the movies, it’s magic, no matter what the movie about”. This from a man whose filmography is rich and immense. He has been prolific. He enjoys his craft. And it shows.

I’ve seen only a handful.

First time I was introduced to his craft when in school, in Kolkatta. I saw Jaws, sometimes in 1985, a decade after it was released. Then Innerspace, when in college in Mumbai sometimes in 1989. Jurassic Park, I saw on TV in 1997. Schindler’s List in 1994. Men in Black and Saving Private Ryan in 1998. Then Juraasic World and now Bridge of Spies, 2015.

Of all the movies listed above, I still see Saving Private Ryan innumerable times. The scale in which this movie treats World War Two and the Normandy Landing is impressive.

However, Bridges of Spies is pretty sedate in comparison to all the Spielberg movie I have been introduced to. In fact, I have seen a better movie which a subject of spies in unfriendly land. That is, Shining Through(1992), Michael Dougles and Melanie Griffith starer.

But, not to be too depressing, this movie, Bridges of Spies, has its own allure. It’s straight forward and matter of fact. No suspense. Just great acting and cinematography.

The movie should be seen just to marvel how, Hollywood creates the life and times of 50’s and 60’s. The alleyways of Brooklin, with cars, shops, and attire of those times. Must say, today, Mumbai looks like that. Hopefully, in fifty sixty years, Mumbai would be like Brooklyn of today.

Even, the creation of those times, when the wall, separating East and West Berlin, was coming up, the Iron Courtain, as we know it, and the distress of the population caught on the wrong side of the divide, is believably shown.

Tom Hanks is to Spielberg is like Sumitra Chaterjee is to Satyajit Ray. Both tell their stories through a character who aptly portrays it.

Bridges of Lies is wholesome viewing and that too, I saw, without subtitles. It has some subtle humor too. I understood what they spoke and I was one with the story.