Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

Kapil Sharma can act. We already know he can. We saw him on Comedy Nights, that humorous TV sitcom where movie stars showed up to promote their upcoming releases. But with-Kis Kisko, Kapil has impacted the big screen. He has a presence, not that astounding star-like, but he can carry a movie.

In-Comedy Nights with Kapil-where witty wisecracks at every instance was a necessity, in this movie, he added an attribute, which will work well in his future shows. Kapil Sharma can handle melodrama.

Moments where Kapil showed his potential, happened once before interval, then at the end. Just before interval, in an act of drinking binge, he reveals his versatility. He captivates with his drunk act and held tight throughout the performance. This single act changed my perception. He is an all rounder.

Then again, towards the end, when, in most Hindi movies, weepy acts predominate, Kapil shows effective acting. He is a controlled performer, a “Manjha hua Kalakaar”.

In between, Kapil is like, what you see on Comedy Nights. He effectively took his act from small to big screen.

The only other actor whose drunk act makes an impact is Amitabh Bachchan. Though, Amitabh is a “bridge too far” for Kapil, still Kapil Sharma enthralled me and the audience with that one act before interval.

Well, it’s a Govinda type story. Whereas, Govinda had a two-wife plots in few movies, Kapil probably wanted to do better and double the stakes. Though Kapil cannot match Govinda’s flamboyance, but he holds his own Haazir-zawaabees.

Apart from Kapil, whose dialogues and screen presence is well known, the movie is supported by good performance. Arbaaz, though no star power like is brother Salman, has a confident screen presence and delivers his part. Manoj Joshi is a safe bet in a comic role. Manjari Phadnis and Simran Kaur are good and glamorous. Sai Lokur, the third wife, acted well but lacks presence. Eli Evram, surprisingly, is a confident performer.

Jamie Lever, daughter of ace Indian actor and comedian Johnny Lever, is a hilarious performer like her father. Her role on the movie is under promoted. I came to know about her only when, impressed by her acting, I searched her on the net, and was surprised to find this fact. As a bai, (domestic helper) she lights up the screen whenever she appears. Surely, the father has passed on the genes to the daughter.

Irrespective of all the negative reviews which you have read or seen modest star ratings, you can safely disregard those and watch the movie. Throughtout the movie, the audience were enjoying themselves with laughter and claps.

This movie showcases Kapil Sharma’s acting and his attempt to make it on the big screen and big times.

He is successful.