Today was long. Today I saw three back to back movies. I started with a hindi “Happy Endings”, then two English- “Intersteller” and finally “Equalizer”. It was like doing a 9 to 5 job, but with a smile on my face and beign charged at the end of it all.

I always saw a Govinda-Movie irrespective of ratings. His movies are pure unmitigated entertainment. This can be said for most of his earlier releases. His gaudy mismatched outfits, his dancing like a jelly and those expressions on his face when he stricks rhythm and topped with great acting. In his hey-days, he carried almost anything. He was a treat to watch.

But, sadly, not this time. His comeback after a long leave is pretty sedate. This time, it was only a nostalgia value resident in me which forced the warmth out to appreciate this once-upon-time superb entertainer.

I went for Govinda. But came back with Ileana D’Cruz. I had pre conceived bias. The name D’Cruz evoked a ma-ka-pav epithet in hindi texture and I expected an anglicized lady with phoren accent. But she’s a surprise package, gorgeous and has a screen- presence. Normally, a women cast in hindi movies are known by there tear-jarring performance. On the contrary, she is subtle and leaves an impact in a low volume. She is a girl to watch.

Saif is as he is. He is comfortable in his role. He is another Rishi Kapoor, meaning, beign on the wrong side of Forty, he is still boyish and carries a romantic character with élan.

On the whole, the movies is watchable. My advice is- please club is up with a viewing of “Intersteller”

I’m afraid, “Intersteller” in India is like another “Inception”. Difficult to grasp if you can’t follow the dialogue. I saw, towards the end, many audiences leaving the hall with their girl. I can understand.

Fortunately, the movie is with English subtitles. This is a boon. It has great dialogues where the concept of love is explained in terms of space and time. Well, if you are not too enthralled by this, at least watch it for the experience of Space. But let me confess, I liked “Gravity” more than this movie. So, if you have seen “Gravity”, you wouldn’t mind one more in that class.

Frankly, “Equalizer” is like a Ajay Devgun movie, only better. This movie dwells with the concept of one-man-demolition-squad and Denzel Washington, on a threshold of sixty, has given an intense performance. But I suggest, Indian audience to wait for Ajay Devgun’s “Action Jackson”. It will be all the same, only lesser.