Modi, Modi, Modi..As we call ourself.

Every age loves an icon. And Indians are not immune to this. Pre-history lineage demonstrates that we need it from time to time. We need it as a peg to hold all our great age old cultural philosophies like simple living and high thinking even though our actual trajectories have one-program-in-60-year rule.

The last time I had this similar feelings towards a leader was in 1990 when V.P. Singh fought against corruption and later became Prime Minister. I still remember hearing his speech after his swearing in ceremony where, wearing his fur cap, almost like a Fez, he impressed a world of “Twenty Year olds” with ideas of “Corruption Free” India.

V.P. Singh soon ejaculated his “fan following” by implementing the Mandal Commission, where, he attempted to shore up votes of strong Yadav community, by including them in other backward castes and reserving jobs for them. The decision was more intended on effect than delivery.

He finished himself. Quite coincidently he died on 26-Nov-2008, the day Mumbai was attacked by Jihadis. Unfortunately, I couldn’t celebrate his death. It was not his regressive caste-based reservation but his letting down of my hopes, (some adolescent hope) that I was distraught about.

Now I love Modi. I don’t like Modi because of his development agendas. I have not seen Gujarat. I don’t know what all he has done there. I simply love him because his words are just what I have always thought within myself. He has articulated my feeling, ideas. He is following my Flight Plan.

When Modi says, “I don’t do things for Muslims, I don’t do things for Hindus too. I do things for India”. Also, “it’s not the business of the government to do business. Government should act as facilitators.” These things offers hope. And also his thrust towards cleanliness.

In 2004, the first time in my life (and only time since) I had an opportunity to visit some countries. Not much stay. Just transiting experience. I must say and I also believe ardently that transiting thru Airports of countries says a lot about that country. And I know how I felt when I arrived back in India. Believe me, I wanted to run back to Amsterdam.

You don’t realize how bad you are till you compare. Though, comparing two children is never good, but India is a more than Half a Century old. And in my view, it doesn’t deserve an appraisal. This country is just too delinquent. It’s not even up-to basics.

Modi holds out a hope that this country has longed for ages. But, we Indians are Indians. We are masters of filibuster. So we say, “let’s see how Modi does it”. We are all waiting for him to take out a magic stick and bestow India with all the wherewithal. Surreptitiously, they want him to fail.

I get this from the media-print and visual, that we, regressively, punitively, have chosen to become hands-off. We seem to imply- Dear Mr. Modi, it’s now your controls. Show me the money. Let’s see what you can do.

This is despite ourselves. That’s the float of the Indian feelings. This is what I get- Captured Crabs are waiting for the dynamic one to catch and sink him back.

But Modi is Modi. A fanboy like me can’t stop gushing. This is particularly catching. We want to see him deliver. So, it’s all up-to his many varied admirers, his soulmates, the investors, to do his good work and make Modi a success.

I loved his speech in Madison’s. The same sentiments I’ve heard from a Hindi teacher when I was a child. – Gandhi created a revolution by joining all work as work for freedom.

Your good work is work for Modi.

Modi has not only invested in us. We have also invested in Modi.