Buying Apps on iTunes Store

The key to online business success is the return and refund policy. But Apple iTunes does not follow this strictly. In fact, purchase on iTunes Store has an opaque return policy.

Let me explain.

During purchase, the credit card which is configured in the iTunes account is charged immediately. But the bill is emailed after a day or two. The email has a link, “Report a Problem”.

So, in case you are unhappy or have an issue with the product, you click the link, which takes you to your account on the Apple website. There you choose your options on the drop-down menu. If you choose the option with an intention to return and get refund it is then that you will be informed if your purchase is eligible for refund or not. Many times you will be surprised.

Some free version of apps looks great but the paid version many times fall short of the expectations.

iTunes recently asked for feedbacks. So I wrote this.

When buying Apps on iTunes the buyer should know beforehand if the purchase is returnable and refundable. There are apps which do not have trial period and it’s an outright buy. So there should be a fixed time period within which it can be returned with full money back. Or, while making payment it should be clearly stated on iTunes that “this purchase will not be refunded”. What I see is iTunes is following unethical trade practices and cheating the buyers. This must stop.