Letter to Jeff Bezos


I’m mainly a book buyer. Mostly I buy the kindle version but sometimes I buy books that are important to me and are rare and are only available on print.

I’ve had two recent experiences where the delivery is not proper. The delivery is skipped stating strange reasons. The support is supportive but not creative and proactive. They are enthusiastic to refund the amount rather than find the root cause and resolve the issue.

I get a feeling that skipped delivery may not be impacting the costumer, because of ever enthusiastic and prompt refund offer, but it is in some way benefiting the logistics of delivery. They may be getting paid irrespective of whether they deliver or not.

Significantly, I’ve encountered this with Amazon Fulfilled orders promising same day delivery.

There is seriously something wrong here at Amazon India.

I’m not someone who is happy with refunds. If I get an item in my hands and then if I return it, then of course, prompt refund is welcome. But Amazon India support had only one solution to missed deliveries. REFUND. What about finding out the status of the shipment, where is it stuck, what has happened? Can it be resent? The support seems to have no answer to this.

I want order fulfilment. This doesn’t seem to be a motivation with Amazon employees in India.

Unethical trade practices, order defaulting and bluffing is the culture which has gained prominence on Amazon India online purchase.

I’m writing to you because I don’t have faith with support. This lacunae will never be highlighted to you. The culture is to sweep it below the carpet and bury the issue locally.

In this case(Order: 404-9504736-6222739), I got an SMS and website update that the package is delivered, when I didn’t receive it. How did this happen? How can anyone in Amazon India update the status and send me SMS? On querying support, I got information that it’s delivered to fulfilment and the package is damaged.

I’ve never encountered this before that the package is delivered to fulfilment and the buyer gets Delivery SMS and that too with a strange name that the order is delivered to so & so.

It’s time you crack the whip. I’m not buying furnitures. I’m buying books.

And you know what it means.