Lone Survivor

You must have seen many action movies. Let’s put that on one side. Now here’s a new one – Lone Survivor. This one’s different. Trust me.

Though the movie has some American bias, still the Taliban side of action is not discounted. While watching, you may get a feeling that the “villains” gave back as good, if not better.

But the fire-fights are filmed with lots of staccato. There is precision in that mess. It is not gory. But it is not un-impactful either.

In the end, they relate the actors with pictures of real American fighters. You will sit through this movie right up-to the very end.

P.S. While watching this movie at Grovels, and towards the end, the usher opened the exit door expecting the usual rush-outs of audiences. Though few in numbers, none left. It was pretty touching towards the end.


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