The Wolf of Wall Street

It may have been 1990 when the stock market bug bit my father. In those days there was no online thing in India. There were sub-brokers everywhere. I saw one of sub-brokers when my father took me along for his usual purchase of shares. I had instant dislike of this sub-broker.

He was sitting in his tiny office surrounded by piles of investment forms, some of the bundles almost encroached the road outside. My father was not alone. There were other losers too, briskly filling up some stupid forms to buy into fortune. Then, atop those forms, they stapled a crossed cheque of a certain amount. While doing this great act they sat around that Gab and listened to his unending moral-boosters. He was a sure-fire know-it-all mother-fucker. Little did those wizened bastards knew, while filling those toilet papers, that the sub was fucking their heads.

It took Harshad Mehta to give the idiots the first lesson in 1992. Probably, most of those form fillers were wiped out. I still have no idea how much money my father lost. But we still have piles of share certificates in plastic sheets abandoned in an old Godrej Almirah.

The lessons were not learnt. Damania came along with shares – the best hood winking device of the nineties. I think it still is. Anyway, being a loyal employee I got my quota. The case to note here is – my father who never supported my decision on any matter like sports or studies or hobbies, had extra enthusiasm to buy those shares and later got me interested in the rights issue of those shares. Mr. Damania probably got this early – some people can be fucked all the time.

By 1997 there was an Asian financial crisis which took many companies under. But by that time the smart asses had already exited the market. The ass-holes, again, were left holding defunct scrips and sagging dicks.

Cut to present time – Trying to relax from my Power-Walks I hit the theater to watch Sholey in 3D and Wolf of Wall Street. It is the later movie which has provoked me to write this. I also have memories of Sholey with which I will return later.

If you are interested to glimpse what happens behind the scene in any stock market, you must watch this movie. I am absolutely sure that it happens the way it is depicted. It is made interesting with all the horny orgies of the broker side of the story. But the movie starts with and implies throughout the gullibility of the believers.

The movie begins with lessons by a veteran in a restaurant demonstrating the unrealities of the speculative world.

The movie ending is significant too. The thrill of taking the investor’s ass is so enticing that the Broker refuses to quit. He changes tactics.

The Movie – Wolf of Wall Street is based on a book by Jordan Belfort, a convicted fraud of the stock market turned motivational speaker.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee !