Hello Paul Walker, Do I know you….

Paul Walker died. The star of the Fast and the Furious. It doesn’t make any difference to me because I know neither. Today is the day when I hear his name first time though I have come across the name the fast and the furious. 

I want to analyse the feeling. Why is it so that the death of an individual make no impact on me. And I have concluded that this is because of how much emotional investment I have done on the person (any living being), place or thing.
Let me take an example. A few months back a bylane near our house went for concretization. Now there used to be a broken man-hole pipe stuck on the rain water drain by the side of the road. During the process of road-repair it disappeared. 

I had fond memories of that because often when I returned after a night of heavy drinking I sat on it to “cool off” and smoke a few cigarettes. I have emotional investment on that “Throne” and I poignantly remember all the good times I spent sitting on it. 
So, even when the matter does not reciprocate (or does it) , our own emotional investments makes us feel that nearness. A loss is mourned when the entity which necessitates the emotional link is no longer in that particular state.
Now, this appears like some Theorem. But I just set out to explain myself why I am not touched at all by Paul Walkers death.
Now suppose, due to some reason, I begin to explorer his life. I see his Fast and the Furious, I check out his life and living and suppose, his life resonates with mine. Not many. Probably his quirks are so like me. Recently, I was reading a blog of a certain someone and many of her habits and incidents where so similar to mine. This is another way where, after the person has passed away or the person does not know you, you can still start a emotional bond.

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