On Modi

You come across this often: Modi has Re-Defined Politics. Is it true?

Redefinition is required when some definition exists. Political India operating since senile years has not defined Politics. They defined corruption. It is Modi who defined Politics. It is Modi who made development as the agenda and actually delivered. It is his template which some of the others are emulating.

Indian media is pretty open and you get a lot of material to evaluate. Also most of the politicians are on social media. Hence there is a narrative following personalities. The citizens can make some judgement on the politics of this country and evolve a thought.

You don’t have to go to Bihar to discover this. When you come out your house and meet a river in place of a road. you know, someones not doing a good job. A former CM and railway minister said he will make India like Japan and get a bullet train. He should be happy that we have reached Venice. Now politics will promise us boats.

The prime intention of current Politics is anything but development. Politicians are ever ready to Pee in a dam than be productive and get the actual thing. Development that you see is accidental; something that politics has stumbled upon on their way to self-fulfilling goals.

I am not a supporter of terrorists and terrorism but in this present scenario it seems that they are the only one taking some action. If politics abrogate its responsibilities this is what you will get.

In these context sits Modi.

It is clear that his hinterland is not productive. Also his new vehicle is old and clunky. He has been made a driver of a bus where all seats are taken by hostile travellers and the earlier driver has runaway with the keys.

In politics or otherwise, vested interests will rule. That’s how it is. Democracy gives us power and chances to voice our vested interests. And our interests are not caste, religion or statues.

It is also not development.

It is Delivery. Development is a part of Delivery. Politics touches our lives in many ways. Problem begins when the channels of delivery are blocked or bent.

It is good that the PM path for Modi is not easy. Because if it becomes easy then its a sign of compromise. Heck, the present office holder got it easy and his mechanical advantage is less than one. The New incumbent must be a combatant with proven records of Delivery.

Why should India not give a chance to Modi. After all we have nothing to lose. If he fails (if), we can always fall back on mediocrity with which we are comfortable.


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