Lokpal Grandslam

In one of my earlier articles (Lokpal), I had doubted if Lokpalies would actually survive. They did not. They were outmaneuvered, outplayed and undone by our Politician.

Lone wolves are no match against Pack of Killers. Team-Anna may be a Select Team, but they are up against the Team-of-Teams – The Parliamentarians. Team Anna underestimated the mindgame of the “collective wisdom of the house”. Anna tried to beat it through “age-old” divide-and-rule. He targeted a party. Strategically, he was silent on the remaining equally corrupt parties. He had his reasons. But it didn’t work.

Parliament or Casino, The House Always Wins. It will be delusional to think otherwise. From Outside, it seems, they are at war. But don’t doubt their fraternity. When threatened, they will gang up.

Let’s not concentrate on Anna’s mistakes. At best, we will derive subjective and biased reasons. Let’s focus on Government’s Tactics. There is much to be learnt just by following the experts.

Last August, when Anna grew poison to sting the MP’s, the government drafted a bill with booby-traps. The idea was to Milk Anna’s Poison. Very smartly, it allowed the investigative powers under Lokpal but took away other points. Anna took the bait and dug his fangs. 

He went on an indefinite fast for – PM under Lokpal, Lokpal & Lokayukta in the same bill and Citizen’s Charter. Now, when we compare these inclusion with the loss of CBI in the final draft, his fast in August seems like excersise in futility. You see, the Government won the First Set.

Many think, Anna’s crusade was too much. In fact, the Government was relentless. Between August to December, Politics played at its best. One by One, they sullied every member of Team Anna. It was encounter killing without guns. The Government didn’t allow them to catch their breath. Sibal’s spade and Digvijay’s ditch sealed many a fate. The Government won the Second Set.

When your opposition is powerful and also uncompromising, the only way to deal with him is to drain his resources. Students of History would know how the Russians defeated Napoleon and Hitler just by Tactical Withdrawal. The Government did the same. With time, Team Anna was Losing Steam and Stature.

Politicians, Gangsters or anyone who has an interest to protect will close ranks. Business interests tend towards cartelization. The Police must join hands or die. You are, either part of the Loop or the Noose.

Politics finally noosed Anna. Most of Winter session of Parliament was lost on walkout’s. The remaining was lost on discussing crap like Black Money. Finally when the Big-Bill was brought, it was drained out and sick as Anna. The Government won the Match.

But all is not lost. If there are no one in the stadium it does not mean no one’s watching the match. Sympathisers are silent activists. They speak through the Ballet.