There are for and against opinions on both sides of the Lokpalic Divide. Some like it hot, some like it cold and others not at all. Preferences are subjective and situational. Are you the-Effected or the-Affected? We always love to hit hard but try to soften the blows coming at us.

Let’s visit the situation room of those Effected by the Big-Bill. The room is full of grim looking individuals who look as if their vacation is over. Incidently, the crowd has politicians from all hue and color. At the back-end, politicians do not like beign identified with ideologies or agenda. They all have one Mantra. Make hay while luck shines.

To become a politician is not easy. To stop a politician is also not easy. At the highest level, politicians are adept to steal a Cloud from a Thunder. Commoners can keep thundering while the Cloud drops profitable rain on political turfs.

Today is a bit different. Their bales of hay is threatened. They are all in a huddle. Hell hath no fury like politicians cornered. They are brainstorming how to Kill-the-Bill or Bell-the-Bill. Politicians have escape routes from all known threats. They build that into their Bills. Now the Big-Bill is not “Their Bill”.

For Lokpal to beat the odds and come out trumps will be a mind-game. Jan Lokpal has challenged the skill-set of our politicians. The strength of the opposition indicates the level of destruction this bill can bring. Jan Lokpal is drafted with range and depth. It encroaches all levels. It’s like a fully loaded smart phone. Lokpal might not exercise all its options, still it has the potential to do so. And what possesses potential can go kinetic anyday.

Politicians are only Dwar-Pals (Gate Keepers). They want Lokpal to skim the surface. Because, below the Political Level, there are innumerable institutions, a plethora of entrenched bureaucracy. A kind of Inner-World. It’s like Termites forming complex networks which can beat Western Union Money Transfer. You see, most of the fight in political circles is to safe-guard this pipe-line. Once breached, everyone has to surface.

I can see the onset of a new fear called Loko-Phobia – Fear of Lokpal. It will affect not only the politicians but also our behemoth bureaucracy. In fact, Lokpal will affect bureaucracy more than the politicians. A veteran politician leaves no fingerprints. The same cannot be said of our babus who play with paper. And Lokpalis are expert with paper.

Lokpal will suffer a difficult birth of a problem child. It’s not a premature birth but a complex delivery of a mother already near menopause. Our neglected system has developed plaque. To cure we require drilling to its depth. Simple brushing won’t help.