Why Religion?

I wrote on Religion and I am at it again. The subject is fascinating. Religion is a powerful handle. It’s influence has mass appeal and control.

Why religion is so important? Remember the Communist Countries of Europe and Russia. For years they tried to stamp out religion in their areas of influence. But when communism fell, the first thing the liberated did was to erect the Church.

Religion is like a Bank. The Followers first invest their emotional resources in the structure and then draw from the pool. It’s similar to contributing to the growth of your family and then draw some satisfaction from it.

Family or Religion, it’s is a way of life where you are settled and travelling. You expect disturbances from within the family. You know the new-born will cry the whole night and your spouse will have tantrums. You are prepared, Hopefully! Your module “Loves” to take care of exceptions within.

But what about outside influence? A slight disturbance in the neighbour causes undesirable discomfort. You may hold big ideals, and high morals. But test your temper when someone parks his car on your parking space. A “Comfort Zone” is a zealously guarded zone. For Animals, Birds or Humans, an Intrusion invites an aggression.

So what’s happening in this world. To many of us – it’s much trouble about nothing. But to many more of us – its serious business. As long as our Zone is protected we need not worry. But the fact that their is aggression in this world indicates that some zone is breached.

Let’s figuratively cut the Map of India and transpose it over Europe and Middle East. You will find Jews in Delhi, Christians in Mumbai and Islam in Chennai – Metaphorically Speaking. And they are imposing there newspapers on each other. You might wonder why? Let me explain. 

There is a unique characteristics of these three religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all erupted from the Bible’s Old Testament. And these three volatiles are too close for comfort. Many “non-believers” find it bewildering that Christians and Muslims lay great stress on being Good-Followers. Watch some personality talk on CNN sometimes. Many well-known faces expound how being a Catholic have transformed their lives. Equally Sunni, Shia and Ahmedias etc. re-enforce to be Good-Muslims.

It’s not that Hindus are an exception. Hindus too had the same problem. Read a few Amar Chitra Katha. Our mythologies say that Vishnu and Shiva Followers cut each others throats when, in fact, both have emerged out of Brahma. Time settled this score and Hindus moved from religion to more lucrative – caste system. 

When in school we had Houses. Red, Blue,Green and Yellow. And all used to compete among each other. The Great Religions of the world project nothing different. The Game is all the same. But someone somewhere will slip. Religion tends towards dogma. There is a fine dividing line between distinction and delusion. Anyone who drops on the wrong side will shoot – Friend or Foe alike.